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A Video Session

A Video Session

Bella's most popular trending service with over 10,000 clients worldwide receiving answers to important question or concerns. Get your video guidance from Bella direct to your phone or computer within 24 hours. Come back again and again as hundreds already do for your bite size daily or weekly guidance. 

You may also enjoy her audio sessions 

You will need a Skype account in order to receive this video service 


Bella recommends that no more than three questions are asked per 3 minute video session so that the quality of the responses aren't lost due to time restraints. To get the best from your guidance, specific questions are highly recommended. 

How it works:

1. Select your package from the drop down menu and checkout. You can choose just a one off reading or purchase a bundle of seven for future use.

2. Submit your specific question/s and Skype user name in the note section at the checkout

3. Or /and submit your question direct (video or text) to thesecretpsychic1 on Skype.  

Video messages are encouraged for enhanced connection but non essential. 


4. Receive your video in 24 hours (excludes weekends)which is sent directly to your Skype account

This service allows you to store your own personal videos on your Skype account so you can re watch as many times as you need. If you opt to send a video of your question/s directly to thesecretpsychic1 Skype account after your purchase. Please do not record a video that exceed more than 3 minutes. 

Only two clarifying question permitted on Skype following the receipt of your video recording. Continuous chat or new questions will be invoiced within Skype at the chat rate or simply order a new video. 

****Price increases to take place in June 2023