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The Monthly Membership Community on Facebook, helping your business to THRIVE on social media


Yep! Say No More, I'm in!

Learn the secret method to attracting an audience – instead of ‘chasing’ one.

Transform Your Social Media To Easily Attract Your Tribe!

You are so important.

Someone is waiting to hear from you, to buy your product or service and receive the information or the product in the way that only you can deliver it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

You are going to make someone’s day, or even change their life… it’s not hashtags, following people, Instagram pod groups, paid shout outs . . . and other “chasing” tactics. . .

Instead, when you focus on attracting an audience rather than chasing them, growing a following becomes second nature.

If you’ve been enough of a badass to choose this entrepreneurial path so you can bring your gifts to the people you know you’re meant to help, then I’ll be damned if you’re not gonna make a success of it.

I’m all about keeping things simple and sustainable, and wholeheartedly believe that social media can and should be a fun and meaningful part of running your own business.

My monthly members’ Facebook club for entrepreneurs is committed to building thriving businesses on social media.

The membership is full of video trainings, Guest Speakers, downloadable resources, live Q&As, visibility boosters, money makers, accountability & support, and so much more. Watch my free training video below to help you with your first steps

Listen, if you're still reading, I know you’re interested in this information.

Tell me, does any of this sound like you?

😫 Social media sucks up tonnes of my time

😤 Keeping up with the algorithm changes is exhausting

🙄 I’m fed up of channelling so much energy into social media

🤔 Coming up with endless content ideas feels impossible

🤐 The thought of getting more visible makes me feel totally intimidated and exposed My Social Media Clubhouse was created for people just like you!

I will share these secrets

testimonial image

How To Instantly Attract The Right Followers & Engage Meaningfully


testimonial image

How To Connect Deeply With Your Audience Every Time You Post


testimonial image

Write Captions That Connect To Create Real Relationships


Nurture community

to skyrocket the “know, like, trust” factor of your brand

Grow an audience

f genuine ideal customers and clients on your social media channels

Followers = buyers

so you start making that money, honey!

Social media shouldn’t feel like a chore, or an endless guessing game.

It doesn’t have to take up a huge chunk of your time. And it’s not just for those with the loudest, boldest personalities (or biggest number of followers).

How good would this feel?

Total confidence and clarity in your business’ mission and message, so coming up with post ideas is a piece of cheesecake (even better than cake)

Your picture perfect clients and customers fully bought into your offering because they feel directly spoken to through your content

Not pumping hour after hour into running the social media pages for your biz, because you’ve got a pocket full of time-savvy, sustainable strategies that help keep your relationship with social media healthy AND get you making that moolah

What My Clients Say About Me

, what’s inside my Social Media Clubhouse?

👉 Members-only Facebook group, the heart and soul of the community

👉 Monthly video training from me on a voted-for-by-you topic 

👉 Live Q&A session to answer your burning questions on social media

👉 Monthly Engagement & Visibility Prompts, Lead Generators & Money Maker conversations

👉 Threads every weekday to ensure you stay on track in your social media journey covering things from content prompts to practising going live

👉I teach you to offer amazing value instead of marketing tactics that don’t deliver after the purchase.

👉 Monthly Editable Canva Templates

👉 Offers and challenges exclusive to you guys on the inside

👉 Guest expert training on other areas that will help you further build your biz

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All this for £27 a month, fixed at that price for as long as you stay.