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Things to consider

The important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading is to:

1. Relax and ask your question, but ask for the truth and not what you wish to it be.

2. Ensure you feel have a connection with Bella and don't be afraid to ask questions. Psychic readers are people too and sometimes we just can't get the connection as you need or the detail you want and often this is because you are supposed to learn this in order for you to grow. ✨Sometimes you just can't cheat ✨ Try a video reading if this your first time connecting to Bella as its an affordable way to sample Bella's gift. 

3. ❗️Beware if you have been psychic bingeing as you may get an out of whack reading which focuses on your confusion or fear. Don’t go to a lot of different psychic readers on other sites before
coming to me as it may cause whats called 'psychic interference’..that is what happens when many readers have read for you and their energy settles around you. This can throw even the best psychic reader off and make them less accurate❗️

4. If your question is too vague the response may also be vague. We all have different gifts and see things in different ways and you may miss something you really needed to get because you were not specific.

Spirit and I are here to help you!