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Anxiety Release Hypnosis

Anxiety Release Hypnosis

Let go of those anxieties with this recorded hypnosis by Bella. 

Most of us feel anxious from time to time, however if this is interfering with your enjoyment of everyday life it is time to do something about it.

What Is anxiety?

Anxiety can take many forms, but generally speaking it is a feeling of unease that is often accompanied by other symptoms such as worrying unnecessarily, nervousness, rapid heartbeat and hyperventilation.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it seems to be happening a lot and we feel unable to do function as we used to.

In primitive times man responded to stress and anxiety by using an inbuilt 'fight or flight' response. However our psyche has not evolved at the same rate as technology and other advances in today's society - it is no longer acceptable to fight off the impositions in our life or flee for safety - we have to stand up and deal with them.

The effects of this change - (whether right or wrong) - is that we internalize our anxieties and they can manifest themselves in so many ways.

Imagine a small child who is forever being told No - don't do that or threatened with punishment - or bullied at school or chastised by their peers.

As an adult the child may feel that they are always 'walking on eggshells' - afraid to express their own thoughts or ideas.

Living with anxiety can be like having a permanent fog around you.

Whatever you are anxious about, this Anxiety Release hypnosis download can help you to see your way clearly through the fog and begin enjoying your life as you should.