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Meet Your Higher Guide Hypnosis

Meet Your Higher Guide Hypnosis

Journey through different spheres of existence and meet your Spirit Guide with this recorded hypnosis by Bella. 

Have you ever felt as though you were being guided by an unseen, unknown force?

It may seem as though - at certain times - your life is a series of coincidences - certain things happen which lead onto something immensely important to you later on.

It is thought that we all have our own spirit guide. Some people refer to these as their guardian angel - others perceive them as Native American Indians or light entities and believe they can only be contacted through a psychic.

However you can connect with your spirit guide during guided meditation, hypnosis and sometimes just a very deep relaxation.

This Meet your Spirit Guide hypnosis recording provides the key to your own psychic journey which will take you to a higher level of consciousness so that you can connect with your guardian angel.