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Spiritual Life Coaching Packages

Spiritual Life Coaching is simply amazing!

Not only is it designed to help YOU find YOUR life purpose, YOUR passion, YOUR reason for being … It is also a perfect way to find the emotional blocks ~ and heal them ~ that are preventing you from obtaining your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

It’s purpose is to help you discover the true joy of living a healthy, fulfilled, meaningful life.
My personal mission as Your Coach is to help you once again view the world as a source of endless possibilities. . . empowering YOU to create … and LIVE … the life of YOUR dreams!

Operating without this type of assistance in today’s ever changing environment,
simply no longer makes sense.

“I would be honoured to personally assist you on your journey” ~ Bella x


Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

During my Spiritual Coaching sessions, I offer you guidance, support and the clear unwavering belief in your inner power. I hold a vision of you already perfect, healed, whole and complete. Through this powerful intention, the energy of that belief is activated in YOU.

These coaching sessions are done via Skype lasting an hour and each session is designed to help you meet your personal goals. Coaching is a different service from my intuitive reading as this is your personal transformative journey and you will be expected to complete personalised tasks. 

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not therapy, though it is compatible with therapy and many clients choose to do both. Coaching holds clients to be whole, resourceful and creative. . . fully competent to live the lives they are meant to live. Rather than exploring and analysing the past, I focus on the present, on your current challenges and how best to meet them. Put simply, coaching is a professional partnership that supports the client in achieving personal and professional growth and development, leading to the achievement of extraordinary results.


What are the benefits of hiring a spiritual life coach?
  • You will gain a fresh perspective on your life.
  • You will get clear about what you want from your life, your business, your world.
  • You will enhance your thinking and decision making skills.
  • You will recognise your strengths and weaknesses and incorporate an understanding of them into your career/life plans.
  • You will set and achieve attainable goals to get what you want most.
  • You will develop strategies for creating balance in the midst of chaos.
  • You will create a life that not only works, but one that brings you contentment and joy.


I'm not only a successful intuitive reader with over 4000+ reviews but I own 2 business and was a former corporate operational director and have sat on many government oversight group including one lead by the now current UK Prime Minster Theresa May. In 2015 I brought in over 5 million in charity funding for to two organisations that launched projects tackling domestic abuse and gang violence.  I also work with persistent re offender on rehabilitation from an empathetic perceptive in venues across the UK. From both my own current business in less than two years I am earning a six figure salary. 

My training includes Life coaching diploma (CDP Harley Street), Emotional Intelligence Leadership training (Learning Tree) plus skills to facilitate training, leading change, equality impact, finance training, cognitive behavioural therapy, person centre counselling to name the broad spectrum of my experience. I use this experience and my spirit guides to help you to become the best version of yourself in whatever way that looks like for you. 

Each package also includes . . .

In between our coaching sessions I am available to you via e-mail and for brief telephone conversations as major issues or concerns arise in your life. From time to time, I will email/send additional materials and information based on your individual needs.  Although you will likely experience the power of coaching from the beginning of our relationship, (most people feel empowered simply by making the decision to hire a coach), it may take several months before you start to truly see the life changing, long-term benefits of our work.

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that the scheduled time of your appointment was solely reserved for you. If cancellations or rescheduling are needed please inform us 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you cancel your appointment prior to the 24-hour grace period, another appointment will be scheduled for you. Coaching payments, once made, are non-transferable and non-refundable. Your payment is your contract for the agreed upon sessions. Please plan carefully to avoid disappointment.